The Golden Oldies Way
Since 1979


The Golden Oldies sports movement had its origins in New Zealand when Tom Johnson sought a way to keep people involved in his game (rugby), at a time when life was starting to get busier and busier.

Johnson had seen a gathering interest in past players getting together and having fun in semi-social games and so in 1977 he organised some 20-minute rugby games in New Zealand.

The interest in those games made him realise that there was potential for the concept for other sports as well.

It was all about having fun, while also latching onto the desire of people over the age of 35, with no upper end age restriction, tying in their sport with international travel. The notion of ‘Fun, Friendship and Fraternity’ was central to the whole concept and the first Festival was staged in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1979. And it has stayed that way ever since.

Golden Oldies Softball returns to Hawaii.

As a newer member of ‘the family’, Golden Oldies Softball brings the same fun and friendship to keen Softballers who love mixing sport with travel and serious doses of socialising!

Golden Oldies is about getting on the pitch and participating in friendly international competition. Festivals are open to any team or individual around the world aged 35 years and above who share a great love of softball.

Major features of any Golden Oldies World Softball Festival are the hospitality and enjoyment of the destination; the many long-lasting friendships created amongst participants; the chance to continue playing careers and to enjoy a week long mix of sporting and social interaction with like-minded people.