Whether you have a travel agent that you know and trust, or would like to take advantage of
our own experienced Golden Oldies travel brokers, the following advice applies to both options.  


Group Bookings
Better booking together?

If you’re travelling as a group – that’s 10 passengers or more – it’s possible to book early and block out ‘group’ seats with an airline well in advance of departure.


  • You can pay a small deposit upfront and then pay the balance closer to the time of travel. For example you might pay a $100 deposit within 14 days of booking and then the balance 45 days before departure.

  • All team members are guaranteed to be on the same flight together (lots of fun)

  • If you need extra time to save or fundraise for a trip, this option works well.

  • Names can be confirmed close to time of travel (sometimes just 2 days before departure) – so if a person is unable to attend, the ticket can be transferred to someone else.  


  • A group fare WILL NOT be the cheapest fare on offer.


Sale Fares
Are they worth the wait?

Airlines and travel companies regularly advertise ‘Airfare Sales’. With this in mind, a ‘sit and wait’ strategy has the potential to save a significant sum, however, there are some risks.


  • The lower price!


  • There will only be a certain number of seats available at the advertised sale fare.

  • It's first-in first-served so not all team members may get that same price as it's subject to availability.

  • Full payment must be made at the time of booking.

  • Fares are restricted – so no late name changes etc.


Book with an agent or do it yourself?
What’s easier?

Technology has changed the way people book their travel (and particularly airfares). But when you’re travelling as a large group, it can save time and a lot of headaches by having a travel agent or travel broker do the running around for you. As opposed to individuals or couples booking flights and seats separately – which can get messy – especially for the Team Manager.

Flying to Hawaii from
NZ or Australia?

If you require flights or any other travel arrangements, please contact our dedicated Golden Oldies travel brokers. They have a wealth of travel knowledge and are specialists in booking group travel requirements.

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