Slow Pitch Rules


Team Categories

Divisions:      Men’s Slow Pitch /  Women’s Slow Pitch / Co-ed Slow Pitch

Ages:              35 and over, 45 and over, 50 and over, 55 and over, 65 plus

Grades:          Competitive, Semi-Competitive, Once Were Competitive, Social

Playing Field

Baselines:                 19.8m (70’)
Pitching Distance:    15.2m (50’)
Outfield Fence:        85m (300’)

The Ball

.44 or .47 restricted flight

The Pitch

  • The pitch must come in slowly with a perceptible arc of between 1.8 and 3.6 meters (6 and 12 feet) from the ground.

  • The pitcher must start with and keep one foot on the plate until the ball is released

  • The umpires will ensure compliance with the detailed rule 6 SP on Slow Pitch pitching rules as published by the International Softball Federation.

Strike Zone

Between the batter’s back shoulder and knees, called at the plate, when the batter assumes their normal stance.

Defensive Players

Ten players are allowed on defence. Co-ed divisions comprise of four females and six males on defence.


Runners must remain in contact with the base until the ball passes over home plate or is hit. A runner off a base when the ball is pitched, is ‘out’ – no pitch is called.

Strike Three

Third strike is ‘out’ and the ball is dead. A foul ball after the second strike is ‘out’ and ball is dead.

Intentional Walk

Where a pitcher wishes to walk a batter, the pitches do not have to be thrown – batter goes directly to first base.

Illegal Pitch

If a batter decides to swing at an illegal pitch (e.g. a pitch with excessive speed, or not enough arc), a “strike” is called, otherwise the call is a ball – no bases are awarded for an illegal pitch.

Loose Pitch

Unless swung at beforehand, any pitched ball hitting home plate (where a mat is not used), or hitting the ground before reaching home plate, is a ‘ball’.

Dead Ball

Time is called when the ball is in the infield and no plays are apparent.

Additional Players

Additional Players are allowed in the batting lineup and substitutes may re-enter the games.


Courtesy runners are allowed. In the 55+ men’s division sliding into second and third is optional, in the women’s divisions overrunning is permissible but the baserunner must re-touch the base before advancing to the next base.

Home Runs

Home run limits will be in force in the Men’s divisions.


Umpires Rulings are final. There is no dispute provision.